How to Create an Audience for Facebook Ads

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Meta (formerly known as Facebook) is an online platform to connect with your friends, family, relatives, and, colleagues from around the globe. This public platform was developed in 2004 and has been thriving since then. With the advancement of technology, Facebook has also upgraded itself. Over the period, it has helped many people connect with their old friends, people started selling their products online through Facebook Ads as the audience was huge. Budding authors got a platform to showcase their talent online and increase their followers.

Till now, Facebook is considered a great platform for online businesses along with Instagram. The level of engagement provided by Facebook is quite huge as your page will be accessible to the entire world. You can also monitor your audience and observe the changes, if any.


How To Find Your Target Audience With Facebook Ads. Facebook gave a chance to many existing and upcoming businesses to sell their products/ services online. Business owners list their products on the Facebook page and write its description in the caption highlighting the type of product and its usage. Now, the question arises how can you create your audience on Facebook?

While creating ads it is important to be specific about the audience.
Targeting the best audience

Certain factors have to be kept in mind while creating an audience on Facebook like:

  • Demographics: You can detail your target audience in terms of age, gender, income, occupation, and education.
  • Interests: Your target audience must have some interest in your product/ service and they should be willing to buy the same.
  • Behavior: Customers have positive and negative behaviors towards various kinds of products. You should target an audience who is willing and will be positive about your product in the future.
  • Needs: This is one of the major factors that businesses must keep in mind. If there is a need for your product or you induce a need in the market, then only you will be able to sell it.

How can you determine your target audience?

You target a certain audience based on your product. Targeting can be done in the form of promotional emails, online questionnaires, focus groups, and individual interviews. All these methods can be performed online or physically in a geographical area. However, if you do not have enough resources for targeting, the target audience on Facebook can be expanded by starting with current customers. This will help you in understanding how your product is helping the audience and what marketing methods can you follow online to expand your audience.

There are many types of Facebook ads which can be used based on the requirement of the company
Types of Facebook Ads

For instance, if you are trying to sell skin care products online, your target audience will be people of the

age group 15-50. Further, divisions can be done in this age group on people based on gender, income, needs, and shopping patterns. You can create specific Facebook advertisements differentiating your products from others, and the varieties in which it is manufactured.

Creation of Custom Target Audience:

Facebook has a wide and diverse audience, with 2.82 billion daily active users. Although not everyone fits your consumer persona, you must use Facebook Custom Audiences. Create laser-targeted advertising instead to attract Facebook users that are most likely to be interested in your company.

This helps you to reduce ad costs while increasing ROI. Facebook provides you the option of creating your target audience after selecting certain checkboxes. You can create your target audience through the website, application activity, customer list, and catalog. If you want, you can also use sources from Facebook like Instagram accounts, Facebook pages, On-Facebook Listings, and events.

After selecting these checkboxes, you can set rules for the retention of the target audience, in-app purchases, frequent visitors, and visitors with high session time. Facebook Ads are an abundance of the possibility for both B2C and B2B advertising. From first exposure until the day, you can complete a transaction (sell a widget, for example), Facebook allows you to get relatively interested eyeballs on your product or service and nurture them with dynamic, engaging content. It is fantastic for increasing brand recognition and filling your funnel.

To do so effectively, you must first understand whom you are targeting and, more crucially, how you’re targeting them. This entails finding a happy medium between wide and audiences, essentially transforming your Facebook advertising efforts into a self-contained marketing funnel. Sometimes you must experiment with your advertisements to see what works best for you.

How to do Detailed Targeting

In the ‘Detailed Targeting’ section of the ad set creation process, you can enter various Facebook ad targeting options, like behaviors, demographics, or interests. Ads Manager limits the number of interest suggestions they show to advertisers to a shortlist of just 25 interests. For e.g. If you choose an interest as “luxury brands,” a list of interests would appear on the screen related to our main interest which makes it easy to make the audience specific to our product.

Following is a list of Audiences that are interesting to work with-

  • International Cuisine

Chinese Cuisine

Japanese Cuisine

German Cuisine

French Cuisine

Italian Cuisine

Thai Cuisine

  • Sports

American Football

Auto racing





  • Vehicles

Automobiles Boats

Electric vehicle

Hybrids Minivans






Technological Assistance:

Facebook provided a robust technology for businesses to create a target audience. Facebook Ads are paid forms of advertisements. While developing a Facebook Ad, you can select from a variety of options about the characteristics of your desired target audience. Facebook then identifies such people from their bio, recent search history, and liked pages and will display your Ad accordingly. Analytics can help you track the status of your Ad i.e., CPC (Cost per click), number of visitors on the page, and the number of views. It will display your Ad every time a person searches for your product or uses some similar keywords.


Facebook is a great platform for creating an audience for your product. It offers a seamless experience in creating advertisements and setting your target audience. Make sure you attract a good amount of audience on your Ads, so set the parameters accordingly.

Creating an audience on Facebook is not a difficult task, provided you know your target market, size. Once successful, Facebook can help you take your business to another level. Your business will be established in the market and you will generate goodwill based on customer experience. When it comes to Facebook advertisements, make sure you have a Custom Audience set up to track people who interact with your ads.

This automates the process of making certain that no prospective follower goes unnoticed and helps you to create retargeting advertisements for them. Another technique for growing your Custom Audience is to concentrate on the Awareness goal. This enables you to reach a larger number of people in your target demographic.

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