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Our Performance Marketing Services

Facebook & Instagram Advertising

  • Craft and manage high-converting ad campaigns on Facebook.
  • Leverage precise audience targeting for optimal reach.
  • Maximize ROI with continuous ad optimization.

Amazon Advertising

  • Scale eCommerce & Improve Revenue with Amazon 
  • Run prospecting campaigns to reach out to new audience
  • Drive relevant traffic to the brand store page to boost relevancy

Google Ads & Youtube Advertising

  • Develop Google Ads strategies tailored to your business goals.
  • Optimize keywords and bidding to improve ad rank and reduce costs.
  • Monitor and adjust campaigns for maximum click-through rates.

Quality Lead Generation

  • Generate quality leads for your business across Facebook, Instagram, Google, Youtube and more
  • Unlock business growth with our streamlined lead generation process, converting prospects into valuable customers effortlessly.

Live Analytics Dashboard

We stand out from the digital marketing crowd by harnessing the power of data analysis and detailed reporting through cutting-edge tools like Looker Studio Dashboards and other advanced data analysis platforms. Our USP lies in our commitment to data-driven excellence.

Increase eCommerce Sales

  • Scale eCommerce Revenue across your website & marketplaces with targeted ads & optimized campaigns designed & executed by experts.

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Pricing For All Business Sizes

Starter Plan

Great for startups with a monthly spend up to Rs. 100,000

Rs 20,000/mo*

  • Facebook & Instagram Advertising
  • Google Advertising
  • Weekly Reporting
  • Real Time Dashboard
  • Account Manager Support
  • Advertising on any other platform like Linkedin, Twitter, Snapchat & more


Ideal for medium scale companies with a monthly spend up to Rs. 500,000

Rs 40,000/mo*

  • Facebook & Instagram Advertising
  • Google Advertising
  • Weekly Reporting
  • Real Time Dashboard
  • Account Manager Support
  • Advertising on any other platform like Linkedin, Twitter, Snapchat & more


For big companies

Customized Pricing

  • Facebook & Instagram Advertising
  • Google Advertising
  • Weekly Reporting
  • Real Time Dashboard
  • Account Manager Support
  • Advertising on any other platform like Linkedin, Twitter, Snapchat & more

Our PortFolio

About Us

From Clicks to Conversions:

We Drive Exponential Growth & Deliver Results that Always Exceed Expectations!

🚀 Strategic Expertise

At The Grey Dots, we pride ourselves on our deep understanding of the digital landscape. Our team of experts crafts tailor-made strategies that drive results, leveraging the latest trends and technologies to help your business stand out in the crowded digital marketplace.

📊 Data-Driven Approach

We don’t just rely on intuition; our data-driven approach ensures that every marketing dollar is maximized for ROI. Our cutting-edge analytics tools enable us to constantly fine-tune your campaigns for optimal performance and efficiency.

🌐 Global Reach, Local Impact

Whether you’re targeting a local audience or a global market, The Grey Dots has the versatility to deliver results. Our international experience and local insights give us a unique edge in creating campaigns that resonate with your target audience.

Our Philosophy

Reinvent Your Online Business With Our Solutions

Every business is unique, and so are its data needs. We tailor our strategies based on the insights we uncover through data analysis. Looker Studio Dashboards enable us to create customized marketing approaches that align with your specific goals and audience.

  • Proactive Decision-Making
  • Quantifiable Results
  • Granular Reporting


What Make Us Special.

Quantifiable Results

Our USP isn’t just about fancy tools; it’s about delivering results. Through our data-driven approach, we consistently achieve measurable growth for our clients, whether it’s increased ROI, engagement, or conversions.

Proactive Decision Making

With our data-driven approach, you can make informed decisions with confidence. We don’t just hand you reports; we provide actionable recommendations backed by data. This empowers you to pivot, invest, or scale your efforts strategically.

Granular Reporting

We believe in transparency & accountability. Our reporting goes beyond surface-level metrics. With our data analysis tools, we provide you with granular reports that break down the performance of your campaigns into actionable insights.

What We Do.

Reach Your Business Goals With Our Professional Solutions

We focus on your objectives, ensuring digital marketing delivers measurable results that align with your business goals. With The Grey Dots, it’s not just about advertising; it’s about achieving success.

  • ROI-Driven Campaigns.
  • Tailored Creative Solutions.
  • Client-Centric Partnership.

Expert People

Meet Our Professionals.

Poonam Gangwal

Founder & CEO

An engineer from NSIT, Delhi (Batch 2008) and an MBA from FMS, Delhi (Batch 2012 she has an experience of more than 10+ years in the Digital Marketing and Online Brand Building space.

Priyal Singh

Account Management

An engineer from MMM, Gorakhpur. She comes with an extensive experience in scaling up brands through performance marketing in the EdTech, Fashion, Beauty and healthcare space.

Sumit Pokhriyal

Tech Advisor

An engineer from NSIT and and MBA ISB. Sumit has a diverse background in Technology and Product across various eCommerce brands like wadi.com, Unicommerce, GoSporto, High Radius and more.

Proven Track Record.

10+ Years of Experience in
Online Services & Business.

Powerful API

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Team Collaboration

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Efficient Workflow

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Phone Consultation

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Project Management

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Real-life Strategy

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What Our Clients Say.

Mansi Gupta

Founder & CEO, Tjori & Saagah

I can confidently say that The Grey Dots has been a game-changer for Tjori. Their expertise in digital marketing, especially across Facebook, Instagram, Google, and other platforms, has been instrumental in helping us reach and exceed our business goals. Their tailored approach, deep data analysis, and creative strategies have consistently driven measurable results. They’re a trusted partner in our success story.

Rahul Kishore Singh

Founder & CEO, Bonatra

The Grey Dots has been a driving force in the remarkable growth of Bonaatra. Their performance marketing services, spanning Facebook, Instagram, Google, and more, have been pivotal in helping us not only reach our business goals but also scale up our customer base and revenue. Their expertise in crafting targeted campaigns, data-driven strategies, and relentless optimization has been nothing short of exceptional. their team is a pleasure to work with – professional, responsive, & always willing to go the extra mile.

Abhishek Aggarwal

CBO, Plum Goodness

The Grey Dots helped us meet our business goals. With their expertise, our ROAS improved, and revenue scaled. They are a results-driven agency that truly understands the beauty industry. Their data-driven strategies and adaptability have been key to our success. We highly recommend The Grey Dots for any brand seeking exceptional digital marketing results. Their ability to analyze and interpret data to make informed decisions was instrumental in our success.

E-Commerce Success Starts with Us

Endless Possibilities With Digital Marketing Solutions.

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